Professional Tools for Pool Cleaning after a Pool Party

July 08,2020

Recently, the temperature in Europe continues to be hot, and the pool party has become one of the best ways to entertain family or friends. It’s so pleasant and enjoyable to chat and play with family or friends at the pool party. Of course, after the cheerful pool party, we need to clean up the pool, then in order to use it better next time. We must use professional tools for pool cleaning.


1. Leaf Skimmers & Leaf Rakes

Utilize ultra fine mesh leaf skimmer or leaf rakes allows it to collect more debris or fragment at a time, from leaves to dead insects (mainly leaves). By cleaning the pool with this regularly, we will be sure that the pool's flow system remains at maximum efficacy and the sense of use continues to improve.


2. Filter Tanks

Utilize filter tanks helps water cycling, the Activated carbon cartridges and bio ball help clean water, absorbs odors and discoloration, provide a healthy water for our swimming pool. For choosing filter tanks, these factors must be considered first: easy to assembly and operate, reliable.


3. Brushes

Utilize a brush to clean the walls of the swimming pool at least once a week. Because water is easy to produce algae and produce dirt. Timely cleaning these algae and dirt, not allowing them to accumulate, is more conducive to the cleaning and protection of the swimming pool. There are different types of brushes, how to choose depends on your swimming pool type. The soft brush is good for porcelain swimming pools, the still brush is suitable for gypsum-lined concrete swimming pools, and the sponge brush is the best choice for glass swimming pools.


4. Vacuum Head

Vacuum head is ideal for vinyl lined pools, the weighted body keeps contact with pool bottom and the firm nylon bottom and side bristles scrub the surface as the vacuum quickly removes debris from floors, walls, corners and slopes.


5. Chemical Dispensers

Utilize chemical dispensers to keep our pool or spa ready to use and free from algae, bacteria and foul odors. For chemical dispensers, it is best to have a foldable design, which is conducive to storage. Considering the service life factor, we need to choose the durable ABS material.


Make sure that our pool can be cleaned effectively and timely by using professional tools in the appropriate order after each pool party,then we can have an immaculate swimming pool with our lover.